• Heard of Cards Against Humanity? I give you Cards of Humanity.
         This was my final project in Spring semester for Prof. Nikki Juen's design studio class. The assignment was called House of Cards. We were instructed to, "tell a story about [yourself] via sixteen two-sided cards." Each card had to pertain to one of sixteen given themes, and the deck of cards had to have an overall theme tying them together. In addition, we had to create a housing for the deck of cards.
         My theme relates to human nature/human tendencies; things we feel, struggle with, succumb to naturally as human beings. Through my cards I also convey my experience with these concepts. My material of choice was wood because it gave my cards an earthy and natural feeling. I also made them smaller than the requirement of 4x6 in. because I wanted them to feel accessible and handheld; easy to interact with. 
  • Overview of Cards of Humanity: Housing
    I constructed this wooden box from scratch to hold my deck of cards. The etching is laser-cut.
  • Back of the housing box
  • Opening the box. The binder in the middle is laser-cut bristol.
  • Cards and housing
  • The binder is constructed from laser-cut bristol paper, held together by magnetic strips.
  • Each given theme was correlated to a new word relating to human nature and human tendencies. 
    The inside of the binder gives a description and explanation of why I changed the word on each card.
  • The cards: 3.5 x 5 x 1/4 in. cards laser-cut out of birch plywood. On each card is a poem I wrote pertaining to each word/theme (also etched by laser-cutter).
  • Here are detailed shots of all the cards in sets of four, followed by the backs which I illustrated first on paper with ink, then transferred onto each card via blender pen.
  • Here are all the back illustrations of the cards at a glance. 
    Thank you for viewing my project!