• Cuba

    The following photographs were taken during a 22 day hitch hiking adventure through Cuba.  Myself and a Cuban that I befriended one afternoon on the malecon in Havana set out on a wild adventure that covered almost 2,000 miles.  We zigzagged from Havana to Punta Maisi, the eastern most extreme, then back through Pinar del Rio on  to the western extreme of Punta Gorda near Bolondron. And then, finally back to Havana.. It took a total of 109 rides in everything from mules pulling flat metal pans across grass to huge dump trucks and strange Russian cars.  We slept one hour in a hotel one night not because we wanted too. It was quite an adventure especially with Lazarro, a thin dark short Cuban who kept losing my money!

    Here are a few images out of the 9,000 plus!