Lost and Found

  • This was a process based work that dealt with the information filtered, lost, and created during different stages of the process. I started this project with doing 50 sketches of different architectural buildings and structures that I spent my time around. After that I 3D modelled each sketch in Rhino to create a digital version of them.Then with the help of lazercutters I designed and constructed a new city using the 3D models as my only source material. Finally I created a box for my city that carries all the information I used to build the city on including, the mistakes, excessive information and defaults. In a way the box became another representation of the same city only in a more caotic, unfiltered way. The end result became a sum of information first observed in 3 dimensional world, then selectively put on paper, from there to a technological space, and in the end brought back to our reality in a different form.