FILM: Life and Art, a Short Documentary [Spring 2016]

  • For many, art is necessary to live a fleshed-out, well-rounded and fulfilled life. While it may be easy for people to group art students together as a single group, there are many differences among aspiring artists themselves, and each person has a unique perspective on the role art plays in life, and the way these two are intertwined. Each perspective is infinitely changing as the student grows into an artist or designer. Or, they may not choose to go down the path of an arts career at all--for everything is in the air for these young artists. In this short documentary focusing on 3 art students at Rhode Island School of Design, I am only just showing small fraction of the diversity that exists within the art student world. 
  • Directed by ANRUI 
    Camera by Yinan Liang, Anrui Zhu
    Starring Tian Qiou Tao Chen, Yixuan Cai, George Duan 
    Spring 2016 // Documentary Production // Prof. Peter O'Niell