FILM: Life and Art, a Short Documentary [Spring 2016]

  • For many, art is necessary to live a fleshed-out, well-rounded and fulfilled life. While it may be easy for people to group art students together as a single group, there are many differences among aspiring artists themselves, and each person has a unique perspective on the role art plays in life, and the way these two are intertwined. Each perspective is infinitely changing as the student grows into an artist or designer. I interviewed three students at top American art institution, Rhode Island School of Design. 
  • Directed by ANRUI 
    Camera by Yinan Liang, Anrui Zhu
    Starring Tian Qiou Tao Chen, Yixuan Cai, George Duan 
    Spring 2016 // Documentary Production // Prof. Peter O'Niell