The Eulogy of Mr. Dubois’ Bayou Crack House

  • A synthesis of my Weaving, Machine Knitting and Fabric Slikscreen courses; I constructed all the masks and garments featured (aside from the white dress on Malaika). The installation was composed entirely of found objects, objects of my creation, and fabrics of my creation. The story ensues:
  • cracker is reserved for my soup
    crushed soggy gutter gumbo
    stale tasteless always on the side
    I prefer not to mix with them niggers on the Southside
    from the Lower Ninth
    in the countryside
    keep that bitter chocolate reserved for dessert
    pull up on a kid and stomp into the dirt
    I woke up this morning I prepared 7 nooses for each day
    verbal emotional physical
    avert your gaze
    Nigger don't you know Mammy taught you Saltines’ll dig your grave
    I like my things in courses; 8
    so things can stay sane
    that black bitch in the kitchen ain't getting no crawfish today
    she knows damn well where her hands shall remain
    in sight when in mind
    around her neck when out
    crawdaddy’ll pinch they mouths
    crawdaddy’ll boil red, sprinkle zatarains on they snouts
    b**** who's your daddy
    what you standing there for?
    Cuz ain't got no problem pulling mutton from that little black shell
    Hulkin, sulkin, beast and ain’t got no pure-blood
    got the nerve comin up in here like they got some sence
    I ain’t never seen no dog able to live
    without gnawing on a cracker
    man I don't understand how these pests got here in the first place
    but it is nice having a black ghoul fueling my fireplace.
    Pave over cracked bone and black flesh like as the heydaze
    streetcar rumbling down Cobblestone skulls,
    Puffin marrow all the way down them ribs till treme.    
    stopped at the corner right before mr. Johnson's store.
    I love me some collard greens and black beans with that black pepper broken genes
    drop them little mud critters in the water
    I love me a good boil with a little lemon on em
    Slick em up with petroleum
    Watch em slipping and sliding from their own freedom
    Spilt that black oil on that muddy water and make them n***** sing
    wash your mouth with water and breached concrete
    I like to watch them panicked and scream
    bird's eye view look like ants with no Queen
    Left they mark like ashy elbows and vaseline
    so we join hand in hand
    Til Kingdom Come
    they will be done
    on Earth as it is in hell
    give us our daily bread and forgive them for trespassing
    on our lands
    deliver them for this is our kingdom
    the power the glory the prosperity
  • Where were you when he unleashed the waters
    Sixteen foot two
    I regurgitate a river of grit and grain
    While you rebuke
    What is the difference between me and you?
    You parted the seas so that I cannot
    And you tried to waterboard me--
    My scarred gums soothe me
    Crushed crawdad blood down my open throat,
    Harvest meat
    And you tried to waterboard me--
    Now I can see
    I shred at your walls with hands toes nails and knees
    Down to the skin and bone, until i bleed
    You cant see me
    I banish thee from our future kingdom in the name of family
    We will grow and resist
    We will not leave
    And you will not waterboard me--
    As only the sea may wash away me.