• Rotation

    The birds are a symbol of life and freedom
    For her
    Ultimately free as in nature
    Freedom, however, is an illusion
    Invisible boundaries are set
    Boundaries of convention and of the material world
    She strives to be free
    She captures the birds to learn from them
    She is transforming
    Rotation happens
    She becomes birdlike
    But she is not ready
    The material world is not easily shaken off
    It is engulfing her
    The aspirations of love, hope, creativity, freedom
    are becoming illusive and even painful
    She tries to escape and break out violently
    But the boundaries remain around her

    ⎯ Yuyu Chen
  • Birds are the one of the most interesting animals in my opinion. Before the invention of the machine for flying,we imagine that birds could see the things we human beings could not. and indeed it is true... Human beings were jealous of the freedom that birds own...


  • Rotation is a Three- Chanel Video Project. The Story is about a women who struggle with her fantasy, imagined the freedom and her inner fear.
    The video is script, filmed and acted by the artist herself.
    The special performance in the Convention Center of Providence is by talented performer Thea, who graduated from Sculpture department of RISD.
    In addition, the photographs of the performance were credited by Dima, who graduated from Master of Photography of RISD.