Studio | Architectural Design: Constructed Ground

  • Constructed Ground
    Design Build group project for Davis Park in Providence, RI
  • Davis Park
  • Five sections (10-15 students) studied the conditions of Davis Park, a public park in Providence, RI. The Park Committee expressed their desire to instill new life into the park and get more than the neighboring school to use its fields for PE. This design build project focused on the parks’ edge. Each section explored various architectural design strategies that could be constructed on an incline out of rope and 120 furring strips (12’ x 1” x 3” Pine) maximum.
  • Design Development
  • Testing rope configurations
  • On-Site tests
  • Construction methods
  • Final Design
  • My group and I designed a modular system that allowed us to produce a significant number of structures that we called constructed ground units. Its organic nature allowed these structures to be easily installed and removed on site; transforming the once barren hillside into a social gathering without making significant alterations to the landscape. By placing these structures along the hillside, it invites the public to occupy the structures and use them as they see fit.
  • Advertiesment at RISD
  • Advertisements for RISD students to attend the studio critique at Davis Park.
  • Final Critique
  • Durring the final critique for the project, students from the elementary school across the street came by. One kid exclaimed, "It looks like a bunch of dinosaur bones!" And proceded to run all over the stuctures.
  • Permanent Additions to Davis Park
  • Project after Final Critique: My groups’ design was a huge hit with the Park Committee who gave the design an opportunity to be built out of mahogany as a permanent addition to Davis Park! They have been built and were installed during the summer of 2009 at another location within the park.
  • Installation for an event called Take-a-Break