Film: TWENTY (二十)Spring 2016

  • EXPERIMENTAL SHORT: reflections on being twenty in the 21st century. 
    Written, Directed, and Edited by ANRUI (Aaren Zhu)
    Boy: Ryan Wang
    Voice: Aaren Zhu
    16 mm Tri-X Reversal // a Bolex Film.
  • Please watch before reading. 
    At twenty years old, it can be daunting to imagine what your life will unfold to be in the following decades. It can be even more daunting to know that your actions today may define who you are tomorrow. Now more than ever, young people in the 21st century have control of their futures. But along with that comes with the pressure to succeed, and the fear of making the wrong choice that may make or break your future. 
    Parents: Though you want what is best for your child, keep in mind how much pressure you put on them as you push them toward success.
    Society: Teach young people to discover their niche, rather than relegate them to lost causes if they don't immediately succeed. 
    and Children: Your life will not be what you imagine it will be now. Every mistake teaches you and defines your person. Keep and going, and keep in mind whether or not you 'make it' is more a question of luck than a manifestation of your character. Don't be afraid.
    Spring 2016 // Film 1 // John Terry // Rhode Island School of Design. 
  • a film by ANRUI
    Spring 2016 // Film 1 // John Terry // Rhode Island School of Design.