A Flow of Creativity: My Optimistic Voices

  • Written, designed and set into type by Christina Komine. Edited by Dina Zaccagnini Vincent.
    Linen-bound Hardcover, 13"x11", Dust Jacket.
    My design process book, A Flow of Creativity, shines a soft spotlight on my aesthetic and a means to an end; my first exploration of creative flow experienced within my greater design process. The project began with a set of original quotes and Antonio Vivaldi's sonnet on springtime, and progressed into an exploration of positive flow of self-expression of my original voice, and an observation of nature's flow in the elements during the springtime.
    While working regularly in creative flow making and writing sessions over a six week period, I closely recorded and observed the experience. During that time over 70 images were created for use in Weaving Text into Textile, a surface design project.