SOME OF MY PAINTINGS "Everything is a Self-Portrait..."

  • Some of My Work...

    These are all oil on wood panel. They are painted using glazing techniques that do not translate the translucency and depth of color in photographs.

  • You Can Make it If You Try...

    When I was in grade school, the teacher told us all we could be President if we worked hard enough. I was so excited that I ran home and told my father. He told me it wasn't true for me, since I immigrated to this country when I was two. When I was young I grew up in a very poor neighborhood, full of violence and the lack of hope. Making art, trying to be excellent at something was my way to a future for myself and my family. It takes a painful amount of commitment and work to try to become excellent at anything, and with my pieces I try to expose my deepest thoughts and feelings with sincerely. I may have made myself very ill from pushing myself and lowering my immune system. I had been warned a few years ago that I had stressed my immune system from all the hours I worked when I almost went blind from case of Ocular shingles that lasted over 9 months. This is about the mix of joy and pain when making work, and the thought that if I could not be President, maybe if I worked hard enough I could do something well enough to feel like a king.

    Clifford Wun © 2012
  • I thought it might be interesting to see the scale of the work in a picture of me working on a painting.

    Clifford Wun  © 2012
  • I thought I would include this detail. It is still hard to see the translucency of the glazes.
    These paintings are about the surface quality as much as the imagery and allegory. There is a glass like transparency and gloss to whole surface.

    Clifford Wun © 2012
  •  This is an early version of the painting. Notice the more painful expression of the face. I have been thinking about how I removed that on purpose, but I may just put it back in if i am able to paint again.

    Clifford Wun © 2012
  •  Pretty Meaty
     This painting is based off a photograph made by Susan H Lanier with the help of Alex Baker.
    30" x 39"    Clifford Wun © 2012

  • Lolly
    Clifford Wun © 2012

    An unfinished version of the "Lolly" painting of Nicole Nadeau. I found this photo of an unfinished version of this painting. I used this painting because of it's small size to try and learn more about detailing and working with the paint. I must have completely changed the whole painting, completely destroying 7 or 8 "finished images" by sanding and repainting over months. I lost whole areas I liked, but gained a enormous amount of knowledge. All together this is the first painting that had over 1200 hours of work put in on one surface.
  • Lolly - Nicole Nadeau
    5 1/2" x 8" Oil on Wood Panel
    Clifford Wun © 2012

    This is an earlier version of a painting of Nicole. I really like this one and considered it finished. I had a great studio in an  Jewish Temple and the Rabbi let me have 24 hour access to my space. I could even work on Saturdays, because I was not Jewish. They ended up opening a thrift store on the same floor as my studio. When I opened the door and entered the studio one day,  the wool lint from some of the donated clothing floated in to the studio and covered all my wet paintings. I ended up having to move out of the studio and sand down all the surfaces affected by the lint, and repaint them. I miss that work space, I liked the people who worked there and it was a perfect studio for me. I ended up having to repaint quite a few paintings, some got better, but some lost qualities that I could not reproduce.
  •  Lara Snider
     "24" x 36"   Clifford Wun © 2012

    Lara was a student and is a friend of mine. She was the Head Interior designer for all the Anthropologie stores for many years. I always thought she had an ethereal beauty to her. She was kind enough to pose for this painting.

  •   Wife After Surgery

    I painted this after my wife had emergency surgery and almost died. She took a long time to recover, and I only could feel protective and scared,  because  she was so wounded. She finally sat up in bed one day, and it was strange to see her wan expression, light skin, and her hospital gown pulled up. I asked her not to move and took a photo of the moment, which eventually became this painting.

    Clifford Wun © 2012
  • Money, Fame, Love, Success
    24" x 36" Clifford Wun © 2012

    A man asked for a discount when he bought this painting, he had a wife and baby with him. I could tell he really wanted the piece, so I agreed. Later he called me at my parents house, I was visiting for Thanksgiving. He said he tracked down my number to tell me his check bounced, but he put it on a credit card check. He offered to pay any fees i might have incurred, but then I realized that he "needed" the piece because it was also about his life, and the desire for some part of "money, fame, love , success" That is why his wife looked so off put. They did not had the money to buy the piece, but it meant really meant something to him! I of course told him not to worry about any extra fees, even though at the time I needed the money. I had never thought that I could make something that could affect someones feelings and desires, or communicate in such a way.
  •  Diesel Once Loved a Woman
     36" x 48"    Clifford Wun ©2012
  •  An Angel To Save Me
     36" x 48"
    Clifford Wun © 2012
  •  Hot Pants
    36" x 48"   Clifford Wun © 2012
  •  No Panties
     36" x48"   Clifford Wun © 2012
  • You can see a recurring theme here. This print was my third use of this theme. My first attempt at this was a painting, the exposed organs my way of showing my inner turmoil and pain. The face had a painful angry expression. My hands were pulling open a wound, exposing a blue bird where my heart should have been, a symbol of my hidden hope for joy and love. ( my tribute to Charles Bukowski ) It was sold by a gallery during a solo show of my work. Years later, I came home to a message on my phone from a woman, who only used her first name, telling me that her brother had passed away. I tried to remember who she was for a whole day before I finally called back. I thought how awful it was that I could not remember this person who called with such tragic news. I finally got my courage up and called back. When I asked for her by name, she told me I was speaking with her, and that I did not know her. Her brother, a man I never met bought my painting and it was important to him. He saw in it a representation of the the way he felt, his body exposed with pain, the hands tearing at his heart, tearing to get to the the bluebird, for him a symbol of hope and joy. We met up for lunch and became friends. The painting brought together me and the the sister of a man I never met. the three of us connected because he had bought my painting. My expression of my own feelings of inner turmoil and pain, were to him a reflection of his own inner turmoil and pain, and the blue bird was a a little sign of hope that we both needed. This was the first time I realized how connected we are to each other, all of us. And how I had made such a deep connection with someone I had never met, and knowing that something so important to me, not the painting itself, but the feelings behind it were important and shared by someone else. I still hope to this day that I touched his life much as he touched mine. I know from his sister that I brought him some comfort and joy, but I don't know if he knew how much he changed my life for the better, and the gift that he gave me, this man that I never met, but know on a deeper level.
  •  Illustration Demonstration
    This is one of my Illustration Demonstration pieces I do in my class. It took about 2.5 hours start to finish, along with a lot of instruction that included joking (I AM VERY FUNNY) I based the technique on a quick form of layering paints, scraping and sanding and mixing media. I begin with an under-painting of acrylic paint (I try to only use Golden Acrylics ) and then finish with a layer of oil on certain areas. I credit the technique of this demo on one I had the privilege of watching Matt Mahurin do in the early 1980's while I was in school at RISD. I added a little more color recently.

    Clifford Wun © 2012
  •  Illustration Sketch for "Business, Education, and Industry" working together.

    Clifford Wun © 2012