Indian Floor Cushion

  • The Four Ages (yugas) of Hinduism 
    Satya Yuga, considered the Golden age, is represented by the white triangles. Treta Yuga, is represented in red, as red symbolises the coming of sin. Dvapara Yuga is the age of Krishna and therefore this age is represented by dark blue and black. The pattern is comprised of several Radha Krishna mendhi designs. Kali Yuga is the age in which we are presently living in and is represented by saffron yellow. The pattern is derived from a Rajasthani window frame representing reincarnation. 
     Each colored section is proportionate to the time length of the four ages.
  • Process images
    Images showing the silkscreened fabric, and the process of folding and measuring before machine sewing.
  • Images depicting the intial phase of the many subsections of the pillow. The fabric was meticulously measured and machine sewen.