• Make It Fake 
    The fur campaign

    How can we begin to communicate a complex idea or action using an economical combination of words, type, and image?

    In identity design, we must be simple clean and pungent with information. Thus, the question asked how does a designer create an elegant design for the consumer but also portray the correct information.  With this client specifically I was to design a logo, and keep the dignity and context of the campaign throughout the entire Identity.   
    This campaign catered to helping animals, and stop the production of real fur in factories and help stop the demand of clothing that used these resources. My role was to help assist in designing the campaign and re configure the identity - to appear easily to all viewers so that they clearly understood the message. To design packaging, tags and merchandise to appeal to consumers so it convinced them to purchase more ethical objects.
    To successfully achieve these concepts I had to study different kinds of tags and product designs.
    The use of red, and the layout are suppose to remind vieweres that something important is occuring, therefor it must be extremely
    noticable to the eye, and quite captivating in the design and the concepts behind tagging and awareness.

  • These were advertisements created to help others better understand the cause. The graphic images are used to portray the horrific reality of the fur industry, in the hopes that reversed issues helps this audience change or influence the action of purchasing real fur. 
    These are also examples of different executions  for each poster, where they would strategically be places based on the area and size of each space. 
  • How can we design a new kind of informative tag, that displays appropriate behavior in a consumer.
    How many forms can a logo take, and how does this benefit or enhance the original cause of the campaign? 
    As a designer, we must ask ourselves is this being executed in the best format possible for the audience it is being presented too.
  • MakeitFake.org
    This image below is a screenshot of the designed website, the home page and all it has to offer. It also, gives people connections similar to our application that addressed alot of similar issues facing a community due to the "black market" selling of fur. It also keeps subscribers up to date with over sea production farms of different kinds of furs and how to minimalize the need here in America. Once we find a way to lower the needs of fur here in America we can begin to address the real critical issues of capturing and imprissioning and breeding Minks and Foxes just for their coats.