Selections from Visual Thinking course

  • Problem: Finish the setence "Illustration is..."
    For me, Illustration can perhaps be best defined by what it is not
    (I don't hate fine arts) (but let's fight about high/low art hierarchy)
  • Editorial illustration for an article about the Conversion of Hippies to the Evangelical Right
  • Not for this course, but an editorial¬†illustration for the College Hill Independent in a similar vein of thinking.
    Looking at Mother Theresa as a Figure of Colonialism

  • For a short story titled "Snake" by Rebecca Evanhoe

    This story deals talks about family, transgression, ambiguity, and gender; I tried to talk about that too.
  • Literary portrait of Dorian Gray

    Trying to avoid stereotyped depictions of the actual painted portrait from "The Picture of Dorian Gray"
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