Selections from Painting II: Observation & Imagination

  • Selections from Painting II: Observation & Imagination
    [ SPRING SEMESTER 2016 ]

    Several pieces done for spring semester Sophomore Painting.
  • I. A 5-Part Series of Chairs
    A small five painting series investigating chairs, stemming from fascination with the purpose of a chair being a place for a body to sit.  The idea was to see what happens when the purpose is removed from context, so that the human body is reduced to an implication and what was being painted was no longer an object (the chair) but a space where something should be.  This was intended to be an exploration in color and method of applying paint.
    five 10 in. x 12 in. paintings
    oil on primed watercolor paper
  • II. 4:36 AM The Sparrows Start To Sing
    The objective was to create a still life painting with the an underlying concept of nature morte and to construct/imply a narrative around it it.
    20 in. x 30 in.
    oil on stretched canvas
  • III. This is How You Hurt Someone
    An exploration into painting as an on-going process that goes through iterations rather than being from start to finish a final product.  By the use of lighting, the implication of an intimate/private space is placed into a expansive public one.  Through motion/direction, this piece attempts to convey the action of leaving.
    30 in. x 40 in.
    oil on stretched canvas