Unrevoked (Interactive Installation)

  • Please listen to the audio while browsing the photos.
  • RISD EFS Spatial Dynamics Final | Instructor: Ken Horii
    Collaboration with Gabby Widjaja & Katie McIntyre

    Assignment: identify your expertise and create something as a group

    Unrevoked is an installation that explores human connections. A dark room was set up with a wall in the middle to separate two spaces. Participants enter the two spaces, each facing a wall with layers of acrylic skins. The installation encourages the participants to remove the layers, without knowledge of what they will find. At the end of the peeling, participants find a hole in the wall, the only area in the installation that connects the two spaces. 
    The perfomance done by the participants represents the process of building a connection between individuals. The removal of layers symbolizes overcoming obstacles in order to get to the person's core. Once something is learned, one cannot go back.The piece serves to recreate the experience that we underwent building a bond with one another as a group.
  • Photo of wall before removal of skins
  • Left side of wall
  • Right side of wall
  • Close-up of right side (without flash)
  • The following are more close-ups
  • The following are photos after participants' interaction
  • After participants' interaction
  • Skins peeled off on a wall
  • Close-ups of skins
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