Blue Lagoon Packaging

  • Influenced by my recent trip to Iceland, this is a packaging proposal for the Blue Lagoon skincare products. The products range from lotions, body scrubs, masks, to toners, washes, shampoo, etc. For the products that currently exist in tub forms (scrubs, masks, lotions), I felt compelled to redesign in a way that would allow the product to be reusable yet maintain the integrity of the nature of Iceland. The rock-like forms are derived from the rocks present in Blue Lagoon, from which the minerals are harvested to create the products themselves. The light blue and aqua colors utilized in the packages reference the naturally vibrant colors of the lagoon as well. All packages are created with the intent of being recyclable or reusable. Any stickers and labels on the packages are removable, for better re-use. 
    Designed for Independent Study in Packaging, under the guidance of Jan Fairbairn
    RISD Spring 2016
    All forms created with Rhino for Mac, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator; no found mock-ups were used
  • The top of the "rocks" are clear plastic tops that fit perfectly to act as a lid and are created with strong recycled plastic. The rocks themselves are made using compressed recycled paper, that is coated on the inside with a water-resistant protective seal. 
  • With the intent of reducing waste and helping maintain the environment and nature from which these products are created, consumers are encouraged to re-use the packages — for example, as a pot holder for plants. All of the packages are created with strong, durable material, yet are visually appealing to keep within the house. "Blue Lagoon" is debossed into the package, but all other labels such as the ingredients list, are removable so that the package may become a container on its own, after finishing the product that was inside.