Listen To Her Scent

  • In this project, I wanted to portray two senses : sound and smell in a dual function jewelry piece. Using sterling silver, I made a pendant that can also function as a brooch. Using sketches and mock-up models, I considered the functionality of the jewelry, both when it is worn as a necklace or a brooch. All parts were constructed and soldered by hand, including the brooch, chain and brooch findings.
  •                       Soldering the jump rings for the connection of the necklace
  •                       Each linkage of the necklace was shaped by hand. The links vary with different sizes 
                          and shapes. Some of the links imitate the shape of a flower petal.
  •                     The elements in the middle of the brooch were made using different length and gauges
                        of silver wire. I developed a technique to make captured wires that when shaken, 
                        produce a sound.