A Happy Tiger Beer Chinese New Year (Single Project)

  • A Happy Tiger Beer Chinese New Year (Single Project)
    The brief for 2014 Tiger Beer’s Chinese New Year campaign was simple: Refresh us. Surprise us. Make a traditional holiday feel new. The giddy joy of celebration is captured with whimsical creatures, vibrant colors and swirl of movement. Hidden clues and meanings are embedded into the piece and the audiences were invited to partake in this secret challenge. Nine carp represent the Emperor and long life. Eight hidden horses symbolize prosperity while referencing the year of the Horse. This ad campaign has received much press coverages. It was described as “daring”, “inventive” and “fresh” and rated #1 by Marketing-Interactive.com, in the article "5 Brands that got Chinese New Year Marketing Right“. It has also been honored with the Spectrum Fantastic Art 21 Silver Medal under Advertisement category.
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  • Agency: ROTHCO
    Art Director: Dylan Davies
    Project Manager: Jessica Derby