The Wound and The Gift (Single Project)

  • The Wound and The Gift (Single Project)
    Story board and animation art created for the feature film The Wound and the Gift. The Wound and the Gift is a documentary which explores the relationship between animals and humans. The narrative spine of the film is an animated ancient fable about a wounded crane, saved by peasants, that attempts to express her gratitude with a gift. Scenes from the folktale will weave together stunning real life footage of rescued animals and their sanctuaries. As the fable and the film unfold, we cannot help but wonder, Who is saving who? This film is selected to be included in: Vancouver International Film Festival, 2014 Tokyo Filmex 2014 and Doc NYC 2014. The concept illustrations are selected to be included in: Spectrum 22, 2015.
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    Director: Linda Hoaglund
    Narrator: Vanessa Redgrave
    Ceinematographer: Kirsten Johnson
    Animation Artist: Victo Ngai
    Editor: William Lehman
    Music: Satoshi Takeishi & Shoko Nagai
    Animation: Joe Wu
    Producer: Hashimoto Yoshiko & Maryanne Culpepper
    Assistant Director: Takaaki Okada