• FLOW

    Flow visualizes brushstrokes in the air. Flow is made of black cable ties that are mass-produced industrial plastic. This material may be contradictory to what I want to show and commute with the audience. However, I believe this match of artwork theme and the material brings mystical or illusionary effect, and rather than irony, the match reinforces each other. I received many feedbacks that it looks like a group of marine lives among others. I welcome them.
  • Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT

    Dimension: 7 ft (L) x 4 ft (W)  x 7 ft (H)
    Medium: Black Cable Ties, Monofilament
    Year: 2015
  • FLOW

    Kingsborough Community College, CUNY Brooklyn, NY 

    Dimension: 40 ft (L) x 22 ft (W) x 5.5 ft (H)
    Medium: Black Cable Ties
    Year: 2016