Jeezus Christ, Girl.

  •           The second semester sophmore print project was an opportunity to work with and develop a garment from a randomly assigned print provided by Nicole Miller. The yardage was also at random, and I received exactly 3 yards of a burlap/linen-like blend. 
              The evolution of the design was guided by the religious imagery placed throughout, a motif that demanded careful attention to the detail and placement during the technical patterning. In tandem with this was my desire to reference ceremonial religious apparel, the most recognizable being a priests robe. However, the undeniable sensuality of this specific print gave me a clear image of my wearer; a sexy and confident girl with chunky boots and sass for days. 
              I worked the pattern out symmetrically, separating it only at center front in order to skew the symmetry, an attempt to remove the conservatism that is associated with religious garments by modernizing the traditional form. The shawl piece is detachable from the jacket by way of snaps which attach at the under arms and center back neck, allowing versatility in the desired wear. The chain slip was constructed out of my personal attraction to lingerie and impulse to pair the jacket with something sultry and playful. 
    Model: Chloe Karayiannis 
    Photos: Matt Francis