Propaganda Posters and Zine

  • Two anti-Drumpf propaganda posters and a pro-Bernie zine.
  • An anti-Trump propaganda poster based on the horrifying hive-mind mentality of Trump supporters and the violence at Trump rallies.
  • A satirical Anti-Trump poster gorifying him as a dictator with a rainbow protruding from his head which then turns into a border wall, and a unicorn with a gun as a horn.
  • I posted these posters around Providence and on the RISD campus, including right next to a Trump supporter on Thayer Street. He left 5 minutes after I put the posters up.
    To accompany the anti-Trump posters, I created a pro-Bernie Sanders zine. It includes gouache illustrations of the sparrow that landed on his podium during a speech, collages of anti-Bernie rhetoric, and photographs I took at the Bernie rally in Providence.
  • Thanks for viewing my work!