Working Waterfront

    Rhode Island School of Design
    BFA Textiles, 2012
    History of Art & Visual Culture Concentration

    I hold tight. I hold onto the past. I hold on while it slowly slips away. I'm pulling back at the fabric of time. Memories are useful. The power of the embroidered line, the hand as a voice. Textiles are my link to the past. Finding lost or forgotten lives that flow like dangling threads, I layer found histories into the fabric of the present. That is the living warmth. Subtle shifts in colors making the eyes see deeper. The craft of the hand showing through each and every fiber.

    History is filled with layers of that which has been and I want to piece it together. The traces of the past that have survived through time. Working with what isn't and what will be. Focusing on the past is exploring the unknown to mythic creation of what might have been. Celebrate sadness, long for the dead, and capture a sense of belonging in todays world.