Twin Sound Chamber

  • Models: Soo Joo (left) and Su Lee (right)

    Polystyrene, monofilament line
    ​Spring 2016

    For this project, I was interested in using the unique acoustic effects of polystyrene plastic to create an isolated environment for participants. I made a two-person enclosed chamber in which sounds are amplified through reverberation. When wearing the chamber, participants are hyper aware of their own actions, as personal sounds like breathing and swallowing are amplified. The two participants are forced to face and interact with each other while the volume between them differs greatly; that is, the participant's voice is very loud to themself while the other participant's is somewhat muted. This creates an effect of 'talking inside your own head' while trying to engage with the other person. Sounds within the chamber are also muted to outsiders, promoting a closed conversation.
    Sections of the spheres are vacuum-formed over a mold and include connection tabs that are face-glued together. The clear plastic face sections are stitched to a 'bridge' section with fishing line.
  • Concept sketches
  • Vacuum forming the face plate