Urbanology, BMW Guggenheim Lab

  • Urbanology is an interactive game experience installed as part of the BMW Guggenheim Lab in NYC. From the website: Urbanology is a game which examines the complex ways in which cities develop. It puts you in charge of your own city by presenting you with a variety of real-world urban dilemmas. Every decision you make impacts your city negatively or positively; often in ways you might not expect. These accumulated impacts build a matrix of priorities for your future city. This matrix can then in turn be compared to the equivalent matrices of real-world cites. At the end of gameplay, a custom algorithm takes eight major categories (innovation, transportation, health, affordability, wealth, lifestyle, sustainability, and livability) into account, and then calculates the closest real-world equivalent to the city you've created.

    Local Projects, 2011. Design Intern. Collaborated in conceptual development, interaction design, screen design, web design, artwork, and asset management. Project Manager: Keeli Shaw. Project Directors: Daniel Liss. Principal: Jake Barton. Art Director: Katie Lee. Designer: Greg Mihalko. Intern: Bruno Zalum. Programmers: Patrick Hebron, Tims. Game pieces: Zones Urbaines Sensibiles. Architecture: Atelier Bow-Wow.