Woven Paragraph #1

  • Weaving samples and midterm for Susan Sklarek 's spring 2016 Weaving 1 class. Woven on a 4-harness Macomber loom using assorted fibers and materials including cotton, wool, polyester, rayon, wire, plastic, rope, glue, paper and straw. Inspired by photos taken at my grandmother's house on Cape Cod. 
  • Midterm assignment to create a fine art woven piece. Throughout the sample making process, I had grown frustrated with how dull all the photos I have of my grandmother's house throughout my childhood are. None of the photos I had reflected the bright color or happiness I felt and remembered. 
  • There used to be a stand of tall grass in the backyard of my grandmother's house on Cape Cod and in the summer my cousins and I would trample it down to make mazes and play house in the tangled mess and my grandmother cut it all down because she didn't want us hurting her plants.