Lesson Plan Examples

  • This lesson plan, "Thinking in Black and White," focuses on black and white mediums like monochromatic painting and newspaper to explore Tone, Value, and Contrast before working with Color. The plan calls for participants to work from the influences of the text and imagery of the news content in a collage-like way to form a picture, and complete that picture with monochromatic paint. 
  • This lesson plan for Fibers and Fabrics activities focuses on the interdisciplinary function of the Line, by focusing on an artist who makes the most of the Line in their fiber arts and painting. This plan calls for participants to make portraits or self-portraits with colored fibers in styrofoam plates, and translating that image into a representational painting that attempts to capture each line made with fibers. 
  • This lesson plan, "Colombia Thailand Comparison Picture," focuses on how many countries have similar features, making participants able to relate to other cultures and peoples. For example, from my time in Thailand, I realized certain animals, commodities, and aspects of the landscape are similar to where I have lived in Colombia. 
  • Here is a general outline of the workshop proposed to gather empirical research for my dissertation on the MA of Creative Process at Uversity in Ireland. My questions looked into the Creative Processes of Irish Primary Year Educators and their connection to their own senses of creativity. My goal was to gauge how their connections to creativity affect the success of their students' creativity. The workshop was delivered on short notice and did not follow through due to lack of attendance, but elements of the proposed workshop were involved at institutional level at the L. Glucksman Gallery in Cork in their Spark of Creativity workshop for educators, allowing me to gather and complete my research there. 
  • Here are pictures of the Reactionary Mandala activity that I facilitated in a workshop delivery for the Creativity and Change program at Cork Institute of Technology/ Crawford College of Art and Design. This activity was included in the workshop proposal for empirical research.