Travel Kitchen Lab

  • User Group + Problem Set:
    How might we reimagine 8 to 10 year old children's experiences with technology to encourage healthy socialization and nurture creativity? 
    A Solution:
    A mobile kitchen utilizing compact cooking technology that could travel to venues like schools, fairs, and expos to teach children how to cook (particularly in areas that lack home economic resources).
    With three workstations, this rolling kitchen module includes a sink, oven, prep and storage space. Cooking would be done with portable induction burners, allowing for a flexible working space.
  • Above: Inspiration board and reference compact technology
  • Early form studies and exploratory sketches
  • Above: Diagram listing early possible station equipment and other sustainable kitchen practices promoted through the program
    Below: Process models at 1/4th scale (from chipboard and foamcore to plywood)