The DREAM Studio - A Remembrance

  • This project was located in Fall River, Massachusetts - a city with a fascinating history of an incredible rise (and eventual fall) of economic success, all surrounding the Quequechan River and the numerous industrial mills built around it. The remarkable prosperity of this city can be fully accredited to the power and energy that was able to be drawn from this river and its falls, powering all the local mills and providing great economic prosperity to the city for nearly a century.

    Our client, Accurate Services INC., is a still working textile and apparel production mill that was looking to redesign some of their extra space. Their plan: the D.R.E.A.M. Studio. A space that featured rentable studio spaces and a collaborative center for young apparel designers working to start up new clothing lines or personal companies. A place with rentable studio space that was flexible, functional, and private; as well as communal workspaces to collaborate, build ideas and get inspired.

    The design I developed is an embodiment of the Quequechan river, exemplifying its importance in local history and production, both metaphorically and through physical experience. I wanted the space to be a reminder of the history of the city and the mill it was located in, as well as a message on the value of collaboration in design.

  • The floor plan of the space is divided into a central corridor that emulates the shape of the Quequechan River. Branching off from that are rectangular private studio spaces. This is a symbolic representation of how designers draw their energy and ideas from the collaborative community and open research space -- just like the mills draw their power for from the river. The private studios are the mills and the production spaces. The collaborative idea space is the river.

  • Within the private studios, everything is white. A blank canvas -- only colorized 
    by the materials and ideas the designer brings to the space.
  • To add to the concept visually, the walls of this winding corridor representing the river are
    constructed with translucent double walls containing suspension lighting above a reflective floor.
    This creates a beautiful watery effect, causing the user to feel as if they are underwater.
  • I hope to continue to do work that sends a message through spatial experience. 
    To create designs that have meaning and metaphor; to create designs that 
    tell a story and give us windows into the history that shapes us.