Film: Chinatown - Behind the Faces

  • The inhabitants of certain ethnic enclaves--in this case, Boston's Chinatown--are marginalized within American society. With language and cultural barriers, they have difficultly integrating themselves into mainstream culture, and are relegated to the lowest classes. They become de factor trapped within their community. And while these immigrants hold on to they Chinese culture they knew in America, the Chinese in China have moved on to create new cultural norms. As result, these groups have essentially fallen into a limbo--they no longer belong in their native country, yet they do not belong in the US, either. For them, the American Dream is not their's to pursue. They will exist and disappear within their ethnic enclave, invisible to others, doing everything they can so that their children may have better lives. 

    In this short film, I hope to show others the situation of these immgrants. To tell their story. 

    This is my first video project. 

    One-person crew--filmed, directed, and edited by Aaren Zhu (Anrui). 
    Shot with the Blackmagic Pocket Camera.
    RISD Film/Animation/Video, Winter 2015