Femme Fatales 蛇蝎美人

  • |Femme Fatale|

    Femme Fatale is an attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately bring disaster to any man who becomes involved with her.
    Historically, Femme Fatales, like Marie Antoinette, were usually blamed for the failures of the men around them. 
    The idea that women were naturally weak minded and in a way, subhuman has always been prevalent in literature and arts. Docile and delicate subjects like Eve and the apple, the witch trial in mid ages, all help to deepen this idea. However in 19th Century Europe & America, the femme fatale became a new interest for people, introducing a new “modern woman” that was powerful.
    While male authority blames the evil woman, the audience was obsessed with this kind of female character in film. They love seductive and manipulative women because she “acts” as the object of their desire, but she remains untouchable in most cases. However in the real life, they still pursue and compliment ‘good wife and mother’. The femme fatale is essentially a message about the dangers of female independence.