• Weight Studies: January - February 2016
    All objects have mass, but some objects are useful primarily, if not entirely because of their weight. The functional application of these objects is derived from their mass.
    This collection of objects was created to reveal ways in which weight manifests in functional objects across a range of categories.
    I was drawn to weights as a typology to work within because of their fundamentality.  Functionally, they make exclusive use of gravity.  This simple directive gives way to primitive forms whose aesthetic considerations are often secondary.
    I noticed that weighted objects almost always function as a component in a system; for example, they are fastened to the end of a rope, used as a counterbalance for an opposing object, or used to augment an external object's mass.
    In my assessment, I drew similarities between weights and small sculptures.  I interpreted both weights and small sculptures as having a mystique or charisma that derived from their shared functional ambiguity.   I chose to pursue the same vagueness I recognized in both sculpture and weighted objects when designing this series.
  • Study 1: Long Iron Weight
    This weight was intended to securely hold a piece of flat material in place. It's large handle provides a means of transportation, and also a way to tip the weight back onto the chamfer running along the back bottom edge,  temporarily disengaging this function.  Its form and material suggests directionality and solemn, tool-like specificity.
    It's made of cast ductile iron, and weighs 22 lbs
  • Study 2: Stone Weight
    Stone is a heavy, naturally occuring material that has been used to weigh things down for millenia.  This weight posesses a primitive form that might suggest it has been carved by hand.  A loop structure suggests it might've been used in conjuction with a string or net.  
    It's made of cast plastic, granite powder, and faux stone paint.
  • Study 3: Large Green Weight
    This weight is intended to secure the base of a large, slender, upright object, like a sign or an umbrella.  A narrow slot allows it to interface with its accompanying object.  A vertical stem extends its securing capabilities upwards, while a modest green plastic finish suggests it is meant to be used outdoors.
    This piece is made of MDF and enamel paint.
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