High School Portfolio

  • A piece that delves into the human psyche: What motivates people? As with the story of Adam of Eve, humans are fallible creatures, born with innate desires and the deadly sin of greed. Some may not act upon those desires, but those who do will find themselves sinking deeper into depravity. The hands represent temptation caused by humans, who are the most compelling forces of change in behavior and morality.
  • Are a person's physical and behavioral traits determined by intrinsic qualities, or are they influenced by outside experiences? In an age where people are pressured to conform, it is impossible to not be caught in the invasive webs of external influences - one's decisions and actions are constantly shaped and spun by others. When those surroundings become overwhelming, however, a loss of self-identity results.
  • Modern society often places too much emphasis on numbers. From the number a student scores on a test to the amount of money someone earns, these are now seen as the identifying marks of an individual. But how can someone's future be determined by less-than-perfect test scores? How can someone be judged by how much he or she earns? An emphasis on numbers results in the overshadowing of other more important, more valuable human traits.
  • This is a printmaking piece etched on styrofoam. I experimented with different colors and prints on paper, but I liked how the paint stuck onto the styrofoam itself and created this natural result. In the end, I decided to use it as my final product.
  • White poster color paint on a black background. I discovered how telephone poles form beautiful intersections, and I took inspiration from that.
  • A piece depicting my own questions and uncertainties of the future. Each question corresponds to the finger on which it is written: Pinky - Who will be my soulmate? Ring - Will I have a family? Middle - What troubles will I face? Pointer - What direction will I go? Thumb - When will I be praised?