A New Man | Dobby Woven Apparel Fabics

  • Examining the tradition-rich and luxurious textiles of Japanese Noh Theatre, this collection of dobby woven fabrics seeks to emulate the lush visual language of said textiles. By incorporating bold and graphic motifs along with unconventional materials such as mohair, monofilament and  mettalized yarns, these fabrics not only draw inspiration from the original pieces, but also draw the new fabrics into the visual language of the twentyfirst century. I chose to create these fabrics for men's apparel after researching Noh Theatre; all characters, even female characters, were portrayed by men. By reinterpreting these Noh Theatre patterns and incorporating their incredible materiality, I hoped to create fabrics that would transcend traditional gender roles, conceptions thereof and ultimately bring a much needed brightness and luxury to traditional menswear.