Selection of my work from the last year, ranging from Tipi building, Web designRadio broadcasting, and more
    Healing Soundscapes
    Thesis Presentation
    Sound + Projection
    w/ Genevieve Marsh
  • Prius Life
    Experience Design
    Vehicle, MDF, metal rods, tobogan, supplies
    w/ Genevieve Marsh
  • Nodalisk Tipi
    Experience Design, Architecture
    Bamboo, textiles, paint
    w/ Genevieve Marsh
  • Bombastic Fiddle Stump
    Product design, Music
    Water cooler, bottle caps, electronics
    w/ Saint Claire Lefevre, Maya Gorgova, Tom Fox
  • Kitchen Tools
    Product design
    Plastics, metals, dough
    for Khipra Nichols Design
  • Outside In Rijeka
    Airport soundscape proposal
    Found recordings
    w/ Genevieve Marsh
  • Projector Machete
    Tool design
    Projector, machete, bamboo, 3D modeling program
    w/ Genevieve Marsh
  • Across Textures
    Text conversations
    w/ Genevieve Marsh
  • All the Glorious People EP
    Music album
    Voice music, beatboxing, found recordings, musique concrete
    ft. G-Marsh
  • Internet Engineering
    Middle school curriculum
    Arts, crafts, electronics
    w/ Riverzedge Arts
  • Homestead Radio
    Radio broadcast
    Sound mixing, found recordings
    w/ Genevieve Marsh
  • Website Revitalization
    Web design, branding
    for DNA 4 Technologies
  • Spaghetti Party
    Electronic game, product design
    LEDs, electronics, spaghetti
    w/ Genevieve Marsh