Post Digital Craft

  • At present digitally fabricated objects have garnered a largely technophilic fandom in mass media with little criticality towards the
    actual objects but enamoration of the fabrication process. The predominant 'tech aesthetic’ espouses sleek and minimalistic design often associated with traditionally masculine qualities. This aesthetic dominance can be seen in tandem of the underrepresentation of women in the tech. For this research project we seek to create an apparel collection that critically employs digital fabrication tools to create decorative and feminine aesthetics to introduce heterogeneity to the predominant ‘tech aesthetic’.These pieces will be ornate, decorative, and unapologetically feminine. We want to counteract gendered biases about technology and craft in the art world and at RISD by designing garments and accessories with equal parts new media and traditional craft.
    Material research: The work we make in painting and textile courses is centered in traditional craft. By introducing digital fabrication methods such as 3D printing, laser-cutting, and UV printing into our traditional craft we can create new material combinations and tactile experiences.
    Specific examples of material combinations we will explore: Machine knit top with laser-cut leather appliques, embroidered with laser-cut sequins and conductive thread, a hand-woven textile, woven with UV-printed strips of acrylic material, hand-painted canvas fabric, collaged with digitally printed canvas appliques, conductive thread embroidery, 3D printed resin appliques,
    designed out of 3d modeled imagery.
    Please visit for in progress documentation:
  • Laser Etched Mirror Plexi Sequins based on 
  • Digitally Embroidered circuit with hand sequined flower embellishments