Lasercut Sneaker

  • This shoe represents my second foray into using a lasercutter to fabricate footwear. Except for the laces and a cork filling in the sole, this shoe is made entirely of lasercut leather. Layered calfskin, suede, and kidskin were used in the upper for variable support and flexibility, while lasercut vents in the toe allow for superior breathability. The sole integrates layers of lasercut soling leather, finished with hydraulically-embossed kidskin for a durable and uniform surface.
    Materials: Vegetable-tanned calfskin, vegetable-tanned kidskin, chromium tanned suede, oak-tanned soling leather, bonded nylon thread
  • Process images: Developing and testing patterns for the lasercut sole, the first embossing test with the hydraulic press, initial and final lasercut patterns, the final lasercut sole before and after embossing, the inside of the sole with the cork cavity, and a look inside the toe of the lasted shoe