YOYO HERO | BRGD Fall 2015

  • YOYO HERO Title Screen Mockup | Mariel Rodriguez
    Logo | Hanna Cha
  • Final Fall Project from Brown-RISD Game Developers - our biggest and most sucessful game to date! Coming right out of our introductory fall project with all the new members having just being introduced to the game-making process, BRGD set its sights on making a fast-past side scroller, a type of game we had never attempted before. The whole group decided early on that a hookshot mechanic was exciting and thus the art team set to work to form an aesthetic around it. 
  • Character and Game Mechanic Concept | Sam Streed
  • We went through several ideas - a host of mailmen delivering mail at record times, ninjas, cars with magnets attached, but the most inspiring idea came from Sam's drawings of kids yoyo-ing their way through an urban environment.
  • Environment Concepts | Hayden Sherman and Grant McFaddin
  • Character Concepts | Sylivia Bi, Julia I, and Karen Ko
  • Grappable Enviornment Concepts | Christina Qi
  • I'd like to thank pizza for this part, I don't know how we would've gotten through it without pizza.
  • Building Assets | RebeccaTurbee
  • Buildings and Interchangeable Parts | Wenley Shen
  • Scrolling Background | Grant McFaddin
    Atmosphere Pass | Mariel Rodriguez
  • Building Assets and Billboard | Katherine Wang
    Watertower and Fire Escape Grappables | Rebecca Turbee
  • Grappable Assets | Jessica Song
  • Clothesline Grappables and Balcony | Michelle Zhuang
    Flower Boxes | Michelle Zhuang and Mariel Rodriguez
    Crane and Spikes | Hanna Cha
  • Sprite Animation Templates | Sam Streed and Mariel Rodriguez
  • To keep the character animation consistent among the four main characters, scale templates were made of each action.
  • Blue Character | Sylvia Bi
    Yellow Character | Peggy Shi
    Red Character | Sam Streed
    Green Character | Julia I
    Character Sprite Assist | Mariel Rodriguez and Hanna Cha
  • Hazard objects | Kevin Hong, Mariel Rodriguez, and Jessica Song respectively
  • Collectible Foods| Hanna Cha, Mariel Rodriguez, Michelle Zhuang
  • all together now