[2015 Fall] Bank of America

  •  The Project Bank of America is a site-specific installation, and then I created a documentation that can bring the audience to the site and the installation.
    The site of me and my partner was the original Providence National Bank facade; it had been purchased by several banks including Bank of America, and then the government of Providence decided to build a new skyscraper as the landmark of Providence, using the facade as the entrance, but the project was terminated due the economic crisis in 2007.
    Base on our research, we came up with the proposal of make one of the window into the camouflaged Bank of America, "Bankrupt America", and made it into a crime scene. The purpose of this installation is to remind people with the history of this "Landmark", and the failure of the banking system of America.
  • Presenting Poster 17x22
  • Inserted Book Parts of the Final Documentation
  • Final Documentation Bool-Poster Open up