13 Interpretations of a Statue

  • Content that accrues to the work as it progressively reveals its destiny through persisting in time.
  • Content arising from verbal supplements supplied by the artist, designer, curator or institution.
  • Content arising from the material of which the artwork is made.
  • "God Bless You A Good Dream."  
    Content arising from the work’s relationship with art history.
  • Content arising from the genre or medium of the artwork.
  • Content rooted in biological or physiological responses, or in cognitive awareness of them.
  • Content arising from the color of the artwork.
  • Content arising from the temporal duration of the artwork.
  • Content arising from attitudinal gestures (wit, irony, parody, and so on) that may appear as qualifiers of any of the categories already mentioned.
  • Content arising directly from the formal properties of the work.