• A New Kind of Piñata
    "The traditional piñata has seven points symbolizing the seven deadly sins. The blindfolded participant represents the conqueror of evil, or faith. They are suppose to destroy the sins by hitting and breaking the piñata into pieces. The candies and treats that come pouring out from the broken piñata symbolize the forgiveness of sins and a new beginning."
    Intrigued in the act of breaking the piñata, I designed a symbolic experience about breaking stereotypes and social boundaries. The exterior takes the form of a typical "it's a girl!" baby shower sign that is heavy on pink, very "girly". The interior doesn't just hold candies but attached to each piece are cards with alphabet blocks imagery and a different occupation name underneath each letter. The rest of the inside is filled with rainbow confetti to contrast with the pink facade, emphasizing the idea that she doesn't just have to be pink, she can be anything she wants, she can like any color she wants. 
    A celebration of birth, to a life in which the possibilities are endless. 
  • Be you, and be happy (and be a beekeeper)!