• Shrouding can be defined as a length of cloth or garment in which a deceased person is placed for burial. It can also be seen as an object that obscures something else. These two meanings are similar but also act as a fork in the road for me as an artist. We shroud those that have passed away, but we also shroud objects to preserve them until we can return.
    The curious nature of covering objects and having strangers stumble upon them, not certain of what lies beneath is intriguing. The child mentality of a simple sheet stirring memories of fort building, reading under blankets, covering toys, and the adult aspect of knowing that what I see underneath may forever change my idea of the sheet being something so innocent leads, to the sheet being a way to preserve or forget.
    In these pieces I use clay to drape objects so as to obscure them permanently and leave the interior void for viewers to have to imagine what once was beneath through small peaks and cracks in the shell that is now standing.