Last Dance

  • Wood Nymphs in Greek mythology are seen as care free maidens that danced and frolicked in nature. Dryads are a type of Wood Nymph that inhabit trees, specifically with Hamadryads being a step above a normal dryad because they were tied to a certain tree that they dwelled in until released. This meant that when a tree died due to human pollution or carelessness, or natural disease, the Hamadryad died along with it.
    This creature is the inspiration for my ceramic work featured below. The permanent  of the vessels and the way the branches move of their own accrod in the kiln, shaping the piece into a dance like movement that will be frozen for the rest of eternity is captivating to me. The process of wood firing it adds another layer to the story of the death of nature and decay of historical beings. Wood firing takes a minimum of 3 days and the ash from burning wood sticks to the pieces to make glaze. My art revolves around cycles and the cycle of death and rebirth as a symbol in these pieces through the background and historical significance of the mythology and current day issues of nature decay are present.