The Peek-Voyeuristic Photography

  •        How would we behave, and what do we look like in eyes of others without knowing their presence? In this series of photography, the goal is to capture people unguarded in their uttermost natural state, with camera shunning away from subject’s vision.  In such cases the photographer would take on a vision of something else, such as a food can on shelve or a dustbin sitting in the corner. Most photos have a dark frame around to show the discret position that the photographer had taken. The series will also include subjects being taken from a distance  to trigger a collective sense of voyeurism. The subject will see an entirely different vision of their own from standpoint of others. After all, the act of privately looking at something not of your own is a situation encountered by most of people countless times throughout life. In the end, I do not want to expose or invade someone’s privacy, but simply to share a somewhat ubiquitous experience and a different way of looking at oneself.