TIDAL INTERACTION : Study of threshold + phenomena

  •       This project was developed in the fundamental studio Design Principles, where we studied and experimented the representation of soil profiles, natural phenomena, transitions and thresholds.  The site we were looking at was Tillinghast Farm, a coastal farm located in Barrington, RI.  I inserted my intervention of the threshold (phase 1) in the middle of the path that cuts through the salt marsh. I changed part of the gravel path into stone path that has elevation changes in order to make the tidal changes more legible. In the phase 2, I used the same idea to create gathering space at the edge of the marsh. The size and configuration of space may vary corresponding to the rise and fall of water.
  • Type:         Rural Farm
    Instructor:   Suzanne Mathew
    Term:        2014.9 -- 2014.12