Modular systems | Parametric design

  • Parameters governing systems
    This project was a study and an exploration of how modular systems work on a fundamental level, and how they can be used in everyday design.The modular system revolves around the principle of repetitiveness to play with the figurative and structural role of design. What really interested me about working with modules was the simplicity of it, and how different rules result in different iterations. Each of these rules then become important because they govern an aspect of the design.

    The project began with a material study of corrugated cardboard sheets, which have two layers with a corrugated flute embedded within it. This gives the sheet strength and hence used for finished products as well. The initial study led to the design of a single module, mostly geometric, and observation of what happens on repetition. I learnt that the location of these notches could control the way these modules grow in space. This results in an interesting build up of modules creating dynamic and compelling systems.