30 Strut Star

  • This woven sculpture is made form thirty strands of piano wire and is contained within twelve 3D modeled and printed caps. The structure can be split up into three separate groupings showcasing different relationships between two different plutonic solids: the Icosahedron and pentagonal dodecahedron. The central core is woven into an icosadodecahedron, a combination of the two plutonic solids with thirty two faces, sixty edges, and 30 vertices. A normal polyhedra with sixty edges would require sixty different  wires (one per edge), but because the wire bends, each wire becomes two edges, allowing for only thirty strands of piano wire. The icosadodecahedron then uses the icosahedral stellation to create all of the required vertices of the pentagonal dodecahedron. Finally the wire continues from all twenty vertices, grouping together into the twelve required vertices of the pentagonal dodecahedron's duel, the icosahedron; represented by the 3D printed blue caps.