•     „Who Am I?” - In my research about identity I came across the world of Transgenders and Transvestites.  Being much impressed by their stories and experiences in the change of identity  I was inspired to start the work „Who Am I?”. It centers around and enhances and develops the struggle of identity, it expresses thoughts and emotions in the search of identity and its acceptance. It represents the double life they have to live and the double identity  they have to carry. It is a sensitive discussion of how must it feel to be trapped in someone's else body. Always looking in the mirror and not seeing your own reflection. We all have a moment when we search for our identity to try and discover ourselves. Some of us are accepted as we are and others are denied. We tend to accept only what we understand and makes us comfortable. What we consider to be „normal”. But what is normal? And who decides it?
                 The work talks about the process of transformation. The struggle and the pain it reflects, having to hide the real identity because of the fear of denial.