the dining table stays

  • Everyone experiences the pains of moving - the pains of packing, the pains of sorting and the pains of throwing away your possessions. Last December, I was home when my parents were getting ready to move to Poland. For the first time in my life, and trust me, I’ve moved around quite a lot, I paid attention to when the person from the moving company came to examine our belongings - to see if we could all fit it into the container. His verdict was that we had too much and we had to throw and give things away to others.

    This project was entirely about the process of moving - the process of packing; the process of choosing what to take and what not to take, what to keep and what to give away. I designed a puzzle with infinite solutions yet no complete solution - each piece, shaped differently, represents a household object, be it a chair, a dining table or family albums. The puzzle comes with a ‘container box’ which indicates the limits of what you can pack. The puzzle comes with more pieces than can fit into the ‘container box’, hence forcing people to pick and choose between objects. It’s an experiment to see the difference between people’s values - do they value physical comfort or memorabilia? Do they value objects or memories?