STEINAR - Concrete Sunglasses

  • As a continuation of my senior degree project, the Steinar is a pair of sunglasses that explores the dichotomy between monumentality and fragility of concrete, as well as the spectrum of functionality and wearability of industrial materials when displaced from their conventional environment onto the body. The Steinar employs a bold and simple geometric form language in line with my jewelry work to showcase the materials and reflect contemporary streetwear aesthetic.
    Steinar is a Scandinavian name derived from the Old Norse words for "stone" (stein) and "warrior" (warijar).
  • Having discovered that concrete reacts with and corrodes the coating on the lenses, I made a deliberate decision to control the reaction only on the outer edges of the lenses, continuing the visual properties of concrete onto the lenses while retaining their visibility. The exposed blackened steel bridge connects to a wire structure that is embedded in the frame.
  • Temple end detail engraved with an acronym of my name
  • Final presentation at Providence Optical
  • Special thanks to Providence Optical, Daniel Morgan, and Rodrigo Guadarrama; this project would not be possible without their generous help!